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How do I make a reservation? We use the AirBnB platform so you will need to register with AirBnB in order to make a reservation with us. YOU MUST MAKE A RESERVATION PRIOR TO COMING TO THE PROPERTY!


Do I have to be nude while there? No, we are a clothing optional allowing you to be nude or clothed to your comfort level.


Do you have Day Passes? Yes, all you need to do is choose the Tent/Day Pass Option. It will take you to the AirBnB platform. You will then click on the day that you want to come as the check-in day and check out the next day. Check-n one day and check out the next day or it will not take the reservation. It includes 2 persons for the reservation. If you choose to bring a tent then you can stay overnight.


What time is check-in is 10a.m. to enjoy the pool and surroundings and by 4:00 p.m. your room should be available if you booked a room.


Do you allow kids to come to the property? No, we are an adults only facility with the minimum age of 25 years old.


Is your pool heated? The pool is heated all year to a comfortable temperature. In the summer, the pool has a chiller and is cooled when needed.


Do you sell food or drinks? No, you should bring your own food and BYOB. We do have a Weber Grill, Charcoal Grill, Egg Grill that you can use. We also have a refrigerator that can be used. 2 of our cabins do have kitchens.


Do you have ice? Yes, we have an ice machine where you can get ice out. You are not allowed to fill your ice chest with it, but you are able to fill your glasses with ice.


Are single people allowed? Yes, we allow everyone to visit.


Who comes to your property? We are a mix of men, women, couples, singles, straights, bisexuals, gays and anyone looking for a safe place to relax and enjoy.


Do you allow pets? Yes, all pets must be pre-approved prior to coming. There is a fee. All pets must be on a leash when walking and remain in their cabins when not on a leash. Pets are not allowed in the common areas. 

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